Presenting the 3D Design BMW F10 M5

As BMW and more specifically the M division continue to refine their product, the skill level required in the enhancement of the automobile manufacturers end result grows almost exponentially. Albeit suspension or engine tuning, long gone are the days of “winging it” in the aftermarket industry. The passion required to create and produce components for these modern machines must equal or surpass that of the originator.

3D Design is no stranger to this process and once again has managed to embellish what many believe is the most exciting mid-size the engineers in Munich have released since the boisterous E39 M5. The 3D Design program for the F10 M5 features a robust line of carbon fiber aerodynamic accessories including a front lip, low splitters, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk spoiler. In addition to these pieces the roof spoiler from their existing F10 line will also be compatible.

The F10 M5 line will not stop at the aerodynamic portion of the brand. 3D Design will have their trademark exhaust system developed with Arqray as a technology partner. Currently the exhaust will be made available in stainless steel with quad 100mm tips providing a aggressiveness that suits the elegance of their rear diffuser. The exhaust will be made available in both a JASMA spec as well as Export spec.

The goal of 3D Design is not to hit a couple areas really well. As a entity consumed by perfection the purpose of every vehicle is to have the most comprehensive program for the given chassis. No exceptions were made for the F10 M5. In working with their technology partner Ohlins for suspension components 3D Design will have a full suspension line and is working on a external reservoir race application. The already luxurious interior of the M5 will be further enhanced by 3D Designs trademark pedal set, floor mats, and a gauge pod for more serious applications.

Although 3D Design suspension is exclusive to the Japanese domestic market, it is our top priority to bring these applications to North America and plan to do so with the F10 M5 application. All items will be ready to ship mid May and pre-orders will be taken effective immediately.



Sweating the small stuff


The phrase “God is in the detail” has grown in relevance in my own life since the day we began developing IND many years ago. I’ve realized that when modifying a car, you are not merely adding parts, you are developing the details.

The owner of this E70 X5 35d is someone who understands that any car starts as a blank canvas and is not truly complete without these details. Although this X5 is not intended to compete with it’s M brothers our client added some key touches to make the truck truly his own.

IND braved some new ground to perfect this X5. As this is a performance diesel engine we knew a gauge package would be an important tool. Because there is no off the shelf gauge solution for the X5, every step of the process involved custom work. A gauge pod was fabricated from sheet metal to fit perfectly in place of the ash tray, and finished in a high gloss black to integrate seamlessly into the interior. On the engine side a custom fitting was fabricated to interface with the Exhaust Gas Temperature probe, a barbed fitting was integrated into the car’s piping for a boost pressure reading, and an oil temperature sending unit was installed in the car’s oil system.

The complete interior trim was removed and refinished in Ferrari’s Grigio Silverstone color, accented by a stripe of the car’s original silver trim to integrate the new color scheme into the existing door pulls and shifter surround of the car. The 35d’s green nature was something we felt we had to acknowledge, and we did so by adding our IND logo in a bright green color.

The exterior of the car was kept simple by again only changing details where it was critical. The wheels are finished in the beautiful Grigio Silverstone color, while black and green logos were added in place of the original chrome badges. Even the X5 logo on the trunk was changed from the original large badge to a smaller more elegantly sized X5 badge from the X5M. X5 V8 exhaust tips were retrofitted and powdercoated black to give the rear of the car a more sporting appearance.

Our finished product is something all of us at IND and the owner of this car can be proud of. This X5 is one that may pass for a factory original car to the untrained observer, but to the initiated it is a car that represents a tasteful sense of restraint and an appreciation that nothing is complete without it’s details.

Enjoy the photos!


ESS Tuning is coming to a Black Series near you!

ESS Tuning has been the leading manufacturer of forced induction systems for BMW cars for the last 20 years, and this month ESS has committed to bringing their engineering and design expertise to the Mercedes marque. ESS truly dove in head first with the acquisition of a C63 black series coupe, and the ESS engineering team has already started the process of analyzing the car’s amazing engine. ESS hopes to create a monster power output with easy driving characteristics and years of trouble free reliability.

IND has been a key contributor to ESS’ latest tuning program for the E9x M3, and if ESS performance with this V8 is any indication, the C63 tuning program should yield incredible results. IND has installed over 60 ESS kits in-house with a flawless safety and reliability record, all while yielding a 50% increase in power over the original 400hp output.

Please stay tuned for more updates from IND as ESS continues with their research and development program for the C63 and C63 Black Series!


3D Design Compilation


The 3D Design Collection

Founded in 1998 with a focus on suspension components, 3D Design is renowned for their line of BMW aero parts and accessories. From inception, 3D Design has worked diligently to expand their product line and with great success has created a wide range of parts and accessories for the BMW enthusiast. 2012 marked the expansion of their lifestyle accessories and interior components as well as the introduction of suspension to the export markets. 3D Design utilizes only the best materials, manufacturers, and designers to create products that are in harmony with the intentions of BMW. This thread will serve as a culmination of the past 14 years and a celebration of things to

Brick by Brick

While perfecting our business here at IND Distribution we’ve found that many things used to improve a business can simply be bought- new equipment, a larger building, even additional staff can all be added with a simple infusion of funds. Improving a business can be a relatively easy task in this way, simply add money and the business can grow and expand. While there is truth to this lesson, this knowledge comes with a caveat. This is because some of the most critical things in business cannot be purchased, borrowed, or even stolen.

A company’s heritage can never be bought, it can only be earned. Decades of hard work and sacrifice are what give a business its unique personality, it’s story. As we begin a major remodel of our building we reflect on where this structure has been, what stories it’s walls tell us, and where it will take us in the future.

The building that houses IND is much more than just that, it is a reflection of three generations of heritage. Starting with Luciano Palella, a first generation immigrant from Italy, our shop was built brick-by-brick by its own workers to be what it is today. The trench for each paint booth was dug by Luciano himself, and all of us at IND have had a hand in maintaining the building.

This year we will give back to the place that gives us our identity by renovating this building. 30 years of use as a shop and warehouse take their toll on any structure, and this month we will begin a major remodeling of our facility that will be completed in stages and last through the summer. We will post progress as we go, so check back frequently for more updates!

500 ///Miles



Toronto, Ontario is exactly 556 miles away from IND Distribution. According to Google that’s a 9 and a half hour trip in a car, a two day trip by bicycle, or a 6 day journey for those of us brave enough to make the crossing on foot.

Only a hundred years ago a 550 mile trip was not something to be taken lightly- it was more likely to be a permanent relocation than a short outing. Those embarking on such a journey would usually never return to their point of origin.

So why would our client (Gkap on this forum) push through cities like Detroit, Michigan and Gary, Indiana to install wheels, a trunk, and a front lip and diffuser combination? Couldn’t a shop in Toronto do that, without the grueling trek across industrial America?

Gkap tells me that for him a trip like this is not about the end product, but rather the experience. Visiting Chicago with a friend, exploring the city, and making friends with the staff at IND along the way is what counts for him. Rather than obsess over the finished product that his M3 might one day become, Gkap is more interested in the memories he’ll gain while working the create the M3 of his dreams.

The way this M3 is modified can be seen as a representation of that outlook. There are without a doubt more extensively modified E9x M3 cars in the US but outpacing these cars is not our client’s concern. Gkap was able to maintain a crystal clear focus on his own ideal vision of an M3, and this vision reflects in the car’s absolutely classic look.

Gkap chose tasteful restraint, intentionally skipping parts that others might have added and created a truly timeless BMW as a result. The Arkym front lip and Challenge Sport rear diffuser were finished in IND’s gloss black for an understated appearance worthy of the 20 inch silver BBS LM wheels destined to fill the M3’s wheel arches. A Vorsteiner trunk gives the rear of the car a now classic look, while an all white paint scheme maintains the car’s minimalist theme. Gkap intentionally kept the M3 emblem off of the trunk to ensure that nothing interfered with the simple lines. PSS10 coilovers provide the perfect ride height, placing the car just over it’s Michelin PS2s.

While all of these parts would have made for a great M3 on their own, our client knew that something was missing. He knew we had to improve the appearance of the headlights and we immediately made a call to OSS. We knew our schedule would be extremely tense as the car would only be at IND for four days, so we had to work quickly. Within hours of the car’s arrival here at IND the headlights were removed and sent to OSS with overnight service. Luis at OSS made some spectacular moves to immediately add his touches to the M3’s lighting, and sent them back just in time for an install just two days later.

Finally by Thursday the car was complete and our only remaining task was to enjoy it. After taking a day trip to photograph the car we made our final arrangements and sent Gkap on his way. Gkap is a great type of car enthusiast- he knows that great cars are made even better by the experience they give you and the friends they help you make along the way. Here’s to great cars, great friends, and great experiences!