IND Anthology

The aphorism “it’s not the destination, but the journey that counts” is a well worn one, and a lesson that can be applied to any life situation. When looking back at the development of IND’s portfolio service thus far, this old wisdom applies perfectly. More than a means to an end or part of some master plan for IND’s success, IND’s Portfolio Service has made the projects themselves the goal all of us are working for. Working with each client to customize their M3 to their specifications has become an opportunity and a privilege here at IND, and I’d like to thank all of the readers for helping us realize these opportunities.

We’ve had a comprehensive thread showcasing our cars for some time, but wanted to create a quick and easy interface to let people view each car at their own pace.

With that, here are each of the Portfolio Projects to date, from our own E92 M3 (one of the first modified M3s in the US), all the way to IND’s Red Death, Silver Standard, Blue Max, and many others.

More details of each build:


IND Distribution presents the Akrapovic Audi R8 exhaust system.

All of us at IND have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system for the V10 R8, and we were fortunate enough to finally have the opportunity to install a system in house at IND’s facility last week. As anticipated, the Akrapovic system is an absolute masterpiece. It’s titanium construction reduces weight at the very extremity of the car, right where it’s most effective. The cast titanium valve system is a unique Akrapovic design, and allows for a subdued tone during regular driving, and a wide open sports car sound at high RPM. Akrapovic’s optional wireless kit can be added to the exhaust package for in-cabin adjustment of the exhaust note. Finally, the beautiful carbon fiber exhaust tips finish the appearance of the system.

Akrapovic’s exhaust system for the V10 R8 saves an incredible 35lbs over the factory exhaust, and produces a 14hp gain!


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IND is headed to Germany!

IND’s newest R8 creation!

Many people know IND for modifying BMW cars of all types, and we take great pride in our BMW projects. However, our shop gates see much more than just BMWs, and after allowing countless Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, and even American Classic cars through our doors undocumented, we decided it was time to share the rest of our work with car enthusiasts.
Please enjoy these photos of our latest Audi R8!

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Some R8 love @ iND

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