Brick by Brick

While perfecting our business here at IND Distribution we’ve found that many things used to improve a business can simply be bought- new equipment, a larger building, even additional staff can all be added with a simple infusion of funds. Improving a business can be a relatively easy task in this way, simply add money and the business can grow and expand. While there is truth to this lesson, this knowledge comes with a caveat. This is because some of the most critical things in business cannot be purchased, borrowed, or even stolen.

A company’s heritage can never be bought, it can only be earned. Decades of hard work and sacrifice are what give a business its unique personality, it’s story. As we begin a major remodel of our building we reflect on where this structure has been, what stories it’s walls tell us, and where it will take us in the future.

The building that houses IND is much more than just that, it is a reflection of three generations of heritage. Starting with Luciano Palella, a first generation immigrant from Italy, our shop was built brick-by-brick by its own workers to be what it is today. The trench for each paint booth was dug by Luciano himself, and all of us at IND have had a hand in maintaining the building.

This year we will give back to the place that gives us our identity by renovating this building. 30 years of use as a shop and warehouse take their toll on any structure, and this month we will begin a major remodeling of our facility that will be completed in stages and last through the summer. We will post progress as we go, so check back frequently for more updates!


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