IND Distribution presents the Akrapovic Audi R8 exhaust system.

All of us at IND have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system for the V10 R8, and we were fortunate enough to finally have the opportunity to install a system in house at IND’s facility last week. As anticipated, the Akrapovic system is an absolute masterpiece. It’s titanium construction reduces weight at the very extremity of the car, right where it’s most effective. The cast titanium valve system is a unique Akrapovic design, and allows for a subdued tone during regular driving, and a wide open sports car sound at high RPM. Akrapovic’s optional wireless kit can be added to the exhaust package for in-cabin adjustment of the exhaust note. Finally, the beautiful carbon fiber exhaust tips finish the appearance of the system.

Akrapovic’s exhaust system for the V10 R8 saves an incredible 35lbs over the factory exhaust, and produces a 14hp gain!


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Safari Truck

What do you do when you’ve spent your life shooting automatic weapons at gunnery ranges, hunting big game, flying helicopters, and blowing things up for pure entertainment, and suddenly need to grow up and have a family? What car do you get that will satisfy your need for ridiculous fun, but also convince your wife that you are a sane adult? If you ask our good friend Bob, he’d say that you get an X6M, and not just any X6M, but his in particular.

Driving Bob’s X6M is a lot like hunting game by shooting a missile launcher out of a moving helicopter- frightening to control and absolutely ridiculous. His ESS tune has given the car an easy 80+ horsepower gain, which would be enough for most, but Bob didn’t stop there. IND helped Bob add SuperSprint down pipes along with an Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon tips, BMW Performance front grilles, matte black side grilles, an OEM rear spoiler, Vorsteiner’s V104 wheels and a complete aerodynamics package from Vorsteiner consisting of a front lip and rear diffuser. As a complete package, Bob’s X6M is an absolute monster, and is a good consolation to Bob’s other hobbies!

Enjoy the photos!

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Return of the Silver Ghost

For many of our clients, their M3 is not simply a show piece but a true companion to their lives. Many of our clients drive their M3s every day, and the cars truly accompany our clients through each and every adventure they may have. Arash is one such M3 enthusiast. He enjoys his M3 every day, whether it be driving to work, at the drag strip, at the track, or anywhere else. This connection with his M3 means that it is not a static show piece as much as it’s an extension of his personality and his lifestyle, and so his car is constantly evolving, just as he is.

This year, Arash chose to return to IND to take his car one step further in it’s evolution. Some M3Post members may remember when he first created his M3 vision, as we documented in this thread:

Arash chose to push his car to a new level by further addressing his interior. IND added Defi gauge package, Recaro Pole Position seats in leather (a rare sight in an E90!), a BMW performance shift knob, and a small hand-pinstriped IND logo on the aluminum trim for a finishing touch. We powdercoated his Akrapovic exhaust tips in gloss black, and hand pinstriped a red Akrapovic logo to update the car’s exterior, and removed the KW V3 coilovers in favor of KW ClubSport suspension to better compliment his RD Sport sway bars. Arash chose to finish off the car’s “street look” with a set of 5 spoke DPE wheels, which he will remove in favor of OZ Superleggera wheels for track use.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned- Arash’s Silver Ghost will continue to evolve every year!

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A different kind of BMW

IND’s clients are not just fans of BMW cars, but are BMW motorcycle enthusiasts as well! Occasionally we’ll have the opportunity to help our clients create something unique, like Bill’s BMW S1000RR motorcycle. Bill’s race bike is a highly tuned Ducati 848, but for the street the S1000RR is his machine of choice. Bill has been a fan of BMW Motorsport for years, so we helped him create his own vision by modifying the original BMW Motorsport paint scheme. We incorporated Bill’s numbers and neon green color into the Motorsport scheme for a one-off look.

 Enjoy the photos!

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iND returns to BimmerFest!

Pilgrimage is so common among human cultures that it can almost be considered a cultural universal among all people on earth. Many cultures and religions have revered places, holy lands that the people of that culture travel to by the thousands to gain enlightenment and a more complete sense of self. If there is one such pilgrimage for BMW fans, it is BimmerFest. Year after year BMW enthusiasts come in greater and greater numbers to southern California to celebrate their love for BMW cars, and year after year IND and our staff join these people.

IND once again traveled to BimmerFest this year to experience BMW nirvana with fellow BMW fans. This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our favorite Portfolio Project cars at the Race Technologies/Brembo booth, and the IND and WSTO Z4 at the ESS Tuning booth. Thanks to both companies for hosting our cars, and thanks to everyone for stopping by the booths!

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Late nights again @ iND

Getting ready for Bimmerfest 2011!

Blue Max is back @ iND