The best in motorsport wheels from BBS!

BBS Kraftfahrzeugtechnik AG has been revolutionizing the sports wheel industry since the company’s humble beginnings in Schiltach Germany in 1970. Most of our clients know that BBS still sets the standard in wheel manufacturing, both for road and race track use, even after 30 years of history.

IND celebrates these years of racing by offering one of BBS’ most popular racing wheels to our clients: BBS’ style E88.

BBS’ motorsport program offers custom barrel sizing and center designs to produce literally an infinite amount of possible combinations. Prospective customers can ask BBS to design one-off centers for very limited production to suit their individual needs, but this design process is beyond the needs and capabilities of most.

IND’s staff have waded through the possibilities to create a number of easy, off the shelf solutions. We’ve selected the appropriate center and two barrel combinations. IND’s paint staff can, of course, refinish the wheels in any custom finish for an additional charge.

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IND Distribution presents the Akrapovic Audi R8 exhaust system.

All of us at IND have been anxiously anticipating the arrival of the Akrapovic Titanium exhaust system for the V10 R8, and we were fortunate enough to finally have the opportunity to install a system in house at IND’s facility last week. As anticipated, the Akrapovic system is an absolute masterpiece. It’s titanium construction reduces weight at the very extremity of the car, right where it’s most effective. The cast titanium valve system is a unique Akrapovic design, and allows for a subdued tone during regular driving, and a wide open sports car sound at high RPM. Akrapovic’s optional wireless kit can be added to the exhaust package for in-cabin adjustment of the exhaust note. Finally, the beautiful carbon fiber exhaust tips finish the appearance of the system.

Akrapovic’s exhaust system for the V10 R8 saves an incredible 35lbs over the factory exhaust, and produces a 14hp gain!


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A Motorsport Pilgrimage

For most people of faith a yearly pilgrimage is the most important reaffirmation and renewal of faith of their lifetime. Although IND’s staff comes from varied cultures and backgrounds, we are still able to come together for our own yearly pilgrimage to Germany- the promised land of European sports cars. We do our best to travel to Germany every year to revisit our own icons of the car industry- Eisenmann’s Stuttgart based manufacturing facility and the world famous Nurburgring. Each year the trip reaffirms our love for European cars and motorsport, and motivates those of us fortunate enough to make the journey to redouble our efforts at home.

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IND is headed to Germany!

Safari Truck

What do you do when you’ve spent your life shooting automatic weapons at gunnery ranges, hunting big game, flying helicopters, and blowing things up for pure entertainment, and suddenly need to grow up and have a family? What car do you get that will satisfy your need for ridiculous fun, but also convince your wife that you are a sane adult? If you ask our good friend Bob, he’d say that you get an X6M, and not just any X6M, but his in particular.

Driving Bob’s X6M is a lot like hunting game by shooting a missile launcher out of a moving helicopter- frightening to control and absolutely ridiculous. His ESS tune has given the car an easy 80+ horsepower gain, which would be enough for most, but Bob didn’t stop there. IND helped Bob add SuperSprint down pipes along with an Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon tips, BMW Performance front grilles, matte black side grilles, an OEM rear spoiler, Vorsteiner’s V104 wheels and a complete aerodynamics package from Vorsteiner consisting of a front lip and rear diffuser. As a complete package, Bob’s X6M is an absolute monster, and is a good consolation to Bob’s other hobbies!

Enjoy the photos!

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Motorsport24 High Performance Radiator

German competition components manufacturer Motorsport24 has created a unique water cooling solution for the E9x M3. Their oversized water cooler is a direct fit in any E9x M3 and is hand built in their state of the art facility in the small town of Kalefeld Germany. The cooler is substantially larger than the factory radiator, and has been tested to be effective on courses like the Nurburgring, Hockenheimring, and the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben to allow the S65 engine to run for cooler, longer than cars equipped with a standard radiator.

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Challenge OEM style E92/E93 M3 Carbon Hood

While searching for places to shed weight on the M3, most start with the obvious panels made of steel. When the factory gives you composite or aluminum panels already as a starting point the quest to shave the pounds of a performance car can become more difficult. As usual, Challenge is here to re-write the book on composites for the M3 using only the best in materials and manufacturing techniques to offer some of the lightest weight and well made body panels available.

The lightweight BWM M3 aluminum hood is a great part from the factory that no doubt saves tons of weight compared to its mainstream steel 3 series counterparts. Because aluminum is very soft, it requires a full backbone structure to support it so it doesn’t dent or deform easily. When using carbon fiber, Challenge is able to rework the factory underside skeleton as well as use a foam hex cell core in the panel’s inner construction to produce a lightweight yet rigid structure. This formula yields a strong yet light hood with a 40% weight savings that’s as home on the street as it is on the road circuit.

Challenge OEM style Carbon Hood: 13.6 lbs
OEM Aluminum hood: 22.8 lbs.

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