IND Distribution presents the first Akrapovic X5M/X6M exhaust systems in the US!

After a long wait, we are proud to announce that Akrapovic’s first inbound batch of X5M and X6M exhaust systems! We were so excited about the new exhaust that we purchased every available system on the first inbound shipment.

Seeing the exhaust first hand was an experience we’ve now come to expect from Akrapovic and left all of us very impressed.

The intricate carbon fiber tips, carefully spaced to allow for cool operation and longevity, the beautifully CNC bent and laser cut brackets, the phenomenal welds, everything about this exhaust was typical Akrapovic artwork.

The X5M and X6M exhaust system features bolt on fitment to the factory downpipes, which also means that the car will operate with no check engine lights or catalytic converter errors. This system also functions with the factory valve system for discreet cruising and an aggressive tone when the valves are open. The four titanium tips are an absolute work of art, and the exhaust also frees 10hp from the already incredible truck, in addition to saving over 50lbs of weight!

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Stay Classy!

What car can you drive every day when you already have one of the most perfectly balanced E93 M3s ever built? When we worked with our client John to create his weekend car, we aimed for a perfect balance of understated performance and appearance that would reflect John’s personality. We wanted to build something with a more mature and refined style, and John’s E93 oozed refinement when it was completed and given it’s name- “The Silver Standard”.

So what sort of daily driver do you get someone who has an M3 like John’s Silver Standard? The answer has to be equally refined. We chose to help John create an E60 550i. Because this car is John’s daily driver, we took a fairly basic but effective approach to selecting it’s modifications, keeping in mind that we wanted to give John the refined yet aggressive appearance that he wanted while maintaining a basic mod list and relatively low budget.

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Beyond OEM: Chris’ ESS VT1 E90 M3

Chris, the owner of this near-perfect E90 M3 had a very specific plan. To create his ideal vision of an M3, Chris knew that he did not want to deviate too far from BMW M’s original plan. Chris’ appreciation of BMW’s work is exactly what allowed him to create such a balanced M3.

 Chris used a combination of factory optional parts and key modifications to create his vision. We supplied Chris with a Challenge front lip and BMW ZCP rear spoiler and painted both pieces to match the car for a subtle appearance. Chris also added a Brembo 380mm GT kit to give his M3 the stopping power it needs for track use, and an Eisenmann Sport exhaust for a perfect “factory-plus” tone.

 This month, Chris took the plunge and added the final piece to finish his M3. Chris shipped his car to IND for an ESS VT1 install, and having driven the car I can say that there is no better combination. The perfect, smooth power delivery of the VT1 kit combined with the mellow tone of Eisenmann’s Sport exhaust truly makes for a car that could have been built right at BMW’s factory. From the driver’s seat, stack gauges are the only tell-tale sign that the car has been modified.

 Chris, I am so excited for you to have the car back in your hands, and for you to enjoy your creation- one of the most well balanced modified M3s we’ve seen!

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Challenge Engineering presents their new Sport diffuser for the E92 M3

Challenge Engineering already builds one of the best rear diffuser designs available with their original piece for the M3. This diffuser has aggressive lines and a look that stands out from any other diffuser for the car.
Despite this, Challenge continues to expand their offerings and give M3 enthusiasts more and more choices as time goes on.
Challenge Engineering’s new Sport diffuser is inspired by the clean, simple lines of the original E46 M3 CSL diffuser to create a unique and subtle piece for the E92. The fins are understated with a curved shape that integrates nicely into the lines of the OEM bumper. The center section includes a sculpted depression that gives the diffuser a more complex appearance.
As with all carbon fiber items from Challenge Engineering, each pieces is made in house in their Midwest facility and built from the highest grade materials. Challenge uses only carbon fiber in manufacturing this diffuser, with no fiberglass backing.

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IND’s OEM BMW painted interior trim is now available!

As we’ve created our Portfolio projects over the years we have noticed that there are few elegant and understated additions to the interior of the E9x M3. We’ve improved the interiors of our best client’s M3s with our painted interior trim pieces for years, and are now offering these personalized pieces to the M3Post community.

IND’s paint staff uses original BMW interior trim parts to create custom accents in any possible color and design combination. Our paint technicians have a minimum of 17 years experience each and will work with IND’s consultants to create these unique pieces.

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OEM BMW E92 M3 Performance spoiler custom painted by iND

Just came in! New ESS VT1-535 supercharger install coming soon….