Bro Power

I know I know…Cheesy title  his unsername is “Brosef” on

It’s still cold in the Midwest but Chicago’s dedicated enthusiasts are already gearing up for this summer’s track season, and our client Michael is no different. Michael (Brosef on this forum) came to us hoping to have a more thrilling experience at the track this season, so we added Brembo’s 380 GT kit, HRE P40s wheels, and an ESS VT2 kit to the car.

Unfortunately we were not able to take exterior photos of the car due to our bad weather, but we did manage some engine bay shots of the freshly painted ESS intake manifold. Look for exterior photos soon!

ESS VT2-575
iND painted manifold
Challenge Sport X-pipe with HFC’s
Eisenmann Race performance 4x83mm LeMans tips
19″ HRE P40S
Brembo 380MM kit
KW V3’s

Photos of the full car-


One Comment on “Bro Power”

  1. John Pertesis says:

    Perfect. This is exactly what I want without going overkill. It just so clean…..

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