Step by Step

By now most M3 enthusiasts have seen SehrSchnell’s journeys to IND and have watched his car grow up step by step. Last week Philip took yet another step in this M3’s progression with yet another trip to IND accompanying it. Philip and I knew that of all of the parts added to his M3, the KW Variant 3 coilovers and OMP ARS fixed back seats would contribute to some of the biggest change in the car’s personality.

The OMP seats were a perfect compliment to the other components installed this round- a stud conversion by Turner Motorsports, Project Kics lug nuts, Macht Schnell 12mm spacers in the front, KW Variant 3 coilovers, and an Akrapovic exhaust with carbon tips. Philip’s M3 now has a more purposeful stance and appearance, along with a level of interactive feel that only a fixed back sports seat can give. See you next time Philip!


The IND Project Porsche GT2 has started!!

BBS FI in Titanium Finish

Just in time for the long weekend

With the long weekend ahead of us, we wanted to give you guys something to look at. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, and enjoy the new photos! 

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Blue Max is back @ iND

Akrapovic E70 X5M Titanium exhaust installed @ iND

IND Distribution presents the first Akrapovic X5M/X6M exhaust systems in the US!

After a long wait, we are proud to announce that Akrapovic’s first inbound batch of X5M and X6M exhaust systems! We were so excited about the new exhaust that we purchased every available system on the first inbound shipment.

Seeing the exhaust first hand was an experience we’ve now come to expect from Akrapovic and left all of us very impressed.

The intricate carbon fiber tips, carefully spaced to allow for cool operation and longevity, the beautifully CNC bent and laser cut brackets, the phenomenal welds, everything about this exhaust was typical Akrapovic artwork.

The X5M and X6M exhaust system features bolt on fitment to the factory downpipes, which also means that the car will operate with no check engine lights or catalytic converter errors. This system also functions with the factory valve system for discreet cruising and an aggressive tone when the valves are open. The four titanium tips are an absolute work of art, and the exhaust also frees 10hp from the already incredible truck, in addition to saving over 50lbs of weight!

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E9x M3 brake ducting by Fall Line Motorsports

As many of you know, our latest Portfolio project built for Martin D will see quite a bit of track use this season, and we wanted to make sure Martin had ample brake cooling options for some of the faster courses the car will see.

We worked with Fall Line Motorsports to mate some brake cooling ducts to the M3 GT4 front lip. Fall Line custom built these beautiful brake backing plates specifically to work with Brembo’s rotors and we were able to route the brake ducting directly to the M3 GT4 front lip from there.

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