Just in time for the long weekend

With the long weekend ahead of us, we wanted to give you guys something to look at. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, and enjoy the new photos! 

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iND returns to BimmerFest!

Pilgrimage is so common among human cultures that it can almost be considered a cultural universal among all people on earth. Many cultures and religions have revered places, holy lands that the people of that culture travel to by the thousands to gain enlightenment and a more complete sense of self. If there is one such pilgrimage for BMW fans, it is BimmerFest. Year after year BMW enthusiasts come in greater and greater numbers to southern California to celebrate their love for BMW cars, and year after year IND and our staff join these people.

IND once again traveled to BimmerFest this year to experience BMW nirvana with fellow BMW fans. This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our favorite Portfolio Project cars at the Race Technologies/Brembo booth, and the IND and WSTO Z4 at the ESS Tuning booth. Thanks to both companies for hosting our cars, and thanks to everyone for stopping by the booths!

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Late nights again @ iND

Getting ready for Bimmerfest 2011!

Martin_D hits the wind tunnel

Martin_D hits the wind tunnel

Martin in print!

If reading the UK-based Max Power magazine is a guilty pleasure most of us enjoyed a decade ago, reading the Greek version of Max Power is an absolute cardinal sin. The Greek Max Power has everything every teenaged car nut could want- more girls, more absurd cars, and more street racing.

When Max Power Greece asked us to shoot a Martin’s M3 for a full feature, we naturally agreed with a grin.
Now that Max Power released Martin’s feature issue, I wanted to share a few unreleased photos from our shoot. To see Martin’s M3 in person, please look for this car at the Race Technologies [B]Brembo[/B] booth at the BimmerFest show on May 14th!

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IND Distribution creates a Portfolio project with Martin D.

People all around the world have fallen in love with the automobile since it’s creation over 100 years ago. Entire lives have been dedicated and lost to our love for the automobile, and for the feeling that it can give. Anyone who wants to navigate the aftermarket performance industry must have a good understanding of the allure of the sports car and what it’s meant to humans since its invention. It’s always easy to spot those in the business who do not have a genuine love for cars, as their misguided intentions will always reveal themselves in the way they create their own project cars.

Unfortunately, too many businesses in the car industry have a singular focus on the bottom line, and forget completely the love for automobiles that drew them into the business in the first place. When someone in this industry loses their passion and love for cars and begins to only view each car, each client as another dollar figure, all of their work suffers. They no longer service their clients as they should. The products these businesses choose to sell will often change, and the quality will suffer. These businesses will often choose to sell product built to a lower standard at a lower cost, simply to make money. These businesses will also create uninspired project cars, and this is perhaps where that lack of passion is most evident.

Too many cars getting full page features in magazines these days are merely smoke and mirrors. Friends of mine in the magazine business have told me of cars showing up to photoshoots having to be pushed off of a trailer because the motor hasn’t run in months. I hear of cars with enormous widebody conversions and motorsport inspired liveries that still have factory braking components all the way down to brake pad, terrible quality tires of unkown branding and origin that barely have enough grip for the street, and a rear muffler as the car’s only performance modification. These cars are not an expression of a shop’s love for automobiles as they should be, but rather an inauthentic push for profit, and profit alone.

This state of the business is unacceptable to IND as a company, and we knew we had to declare war. Fortunately for us, Martin contacted us shortly after, and his love for cars was clear in every telephone call conversation we had. Martin loved all things automotive and had previously owned many amazing cars from Europe and Japan. His tastes enveloped the entire spectrum of performance cars, and allowed us to create a car that was designed purely for his enjoyment. We did not have to pay any attention to current trends, to what is popular or what could be seen as unacceptable, but only to Martin’s own passions as a seasoned automotive enthusiast.

Thank you, Martin, for giving us the opportunity to declare war on those who have forgotten what modifying cars is all about.

BMW Motorsport M3 GT4 Front lip
BMW M3 Edition front grilles
BMW M3 Edition side grilles with IND tinted LED
BMW Motorsport tow strap
ESS Tuning VT2-600 Supercharger kit with custom painted intake manifold
IND textured black valve covers
IND painted ignition coil covers
IND gloss black mirror caps
KW ClubSport coilovers
Brembo GT-R brake kit with slotted disks
Volk TE37 wheels in 18×9.5 +22 front and 18×10.5 +22 rear, custom finished in Porsche Guards red with 275/35/18 front and 315/30/18 rear Falken RT615K tires.
Challenge Race X pipe
Kreisseig Japan valve actuated exhaust system
IND steering wheel hub adapter
IND shifter extension
Nardi 380mm suede steering wheel
AMS Performance urethane shift knob
M3 GTS door sills
IND modified Recaro seat slider
Macht Schnell seat brackets
Bride GIAS seat with painted seat backs by IND
IND leather wrapped Macht Schnell gauge pod
Defi water temp, oil temp, and oil pressure gauges with Defi controller
IND gauge adapters
Roll bar by Fall Line Motorsports, painted Porsche Guards red by IND
“Poor man’s closeout” by rldzhao of M3Post
Rouge Engineering toe arms with Porsche Guards Red paint finish
LED tail light conversion
Varis Japan GT wing
Varis Japan Diffuser
IND reflector delete
Gloss black center mesh front and rear bumper inserts
Custom programming by IND to delete EDC, seat fault codes, LED tail lamp conversion, seat belt pusher delete.

Not seen on the car are:
Challenge Engineering front lip, black edition on spare front bumper
Challenge Engineering carbon-kevlar race trunk with BMW ZCP spoiler

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