Clean Green

It has been said that with distance comes clarity and focus. Without leaving the planet, our client has traveled one of the greatest distances from our shop that a person can manage: Australia. A total of 9,000 miles and up to two years’ time lie between him and his car, the infamous Green Hell project. IND has been tasked with the responsibility of storing and maintaining Green Hell while it’s owner is taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the land Down Under. We are honored and fortunate to be able to take care of such an iconic creation.

With this responsibility came also the opportunity to perform a bit of cosmetic adjustment. Because Green Hell is in a somewhat permanent storage, IND is able to make changes to the car at will and add components from our in stock inventory. Not only were we given free reign to change a few major components, these modifications were carried out without our client’s specific knowledge of which parts were installed. You are discovering our changes at the very same moment he is!

With alacrity and excitement we set to work. It quickly became apparent that a streamlined yet functional approach was essential, and with that focal point in mind, we realized only one rear wing could replace the recognizably massive M24 unit, and that was RKP’s lightweight carbon fiber GTS wing painted in a matte black finish. Carefully paired with this on the front end is an RKP GT4 front lip, also laid in highly polished bare carbon fiber. To finish off the appearance, a set of Volk Racing TE37 SL wheels in the pressed graphite finish and color-matched green decals were installed.

The finished effect is a noticeable and striking study in contrast. While Green Hell still screams aggression, both visually and aurally, the lines and extensions seem to be pulled back into a taut, poised creature with intent to strike. Motorsport and competition still dominate the thematic structure, however tasteful restraint is quite obviously the order of the day. Something about the way the M3 squats over the TE37 SLs and hugs the ground with its new carbon aero components inspires a picture of speed and competence. Every one of us is overcome with pride, and while the internals remain intact for now, something tells us we have not seen the last of this car’s never-ending evolution.

And so, the latest and greatest incarnation of Green Hell prowls our facility with an intimidating facade and yet graceful presence that serves as a daily, constant reminder of how clean and perfect a race-inspired build can become. With every glance, every encounter, the familiar burning pride and passion is renewed within all of us. While regrettably we cannot present the new Green Hell in person to our client (or use the car in an on-track environment without his presence), the knowledge that his original vision lives on to be enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world gives us great contentment. We are humbled and grateful to be granted the privilege of bringing you a cleaner Green.

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Just in time for the long weekend

With the long weekend ahead of us, we wanted to give you guys something to look at. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, and enjoy the new photos! 

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IND’s newest R8 creation!

Many people know IND for modifying BMW cars of all types, and we take great pride in our BMW projects. However, our shop gates see much more than just BMWs, and after allowing countless Mercedes, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Audi, and even American Classic cars through our doors undocumented, we decided it was time to share the rest of our work with car enthusiasts.
Please enjoy these photos of our latest Audi R8!

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Some R8 love @ iND

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Klammer invades the AutoBahn!

We try not to play favorites with clients at IND but sometimes the great people we work with make keeping to that rule difficult. Keith, the owner of this Space Grey E90 M3 has an amazing perspective on life, cars, and driving and is a client we’ve truly come to respect.

We recently installed an Alcon brake kit on Keith’s M3 to prepare it for his busy track season, and Keith has already had the opportunity to try the brakes at his first HPDE. The weather at the AutoBahn country club was cold and wet this Monday but there was still a great turnout and a good variety of cars present. It was great to see the Alcon brakes and Keith’s M3 in action!

Keith, we hope you have a safe and fun season this year!

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Stay Classy!

What car can you drive every day when you already have one of the most perfectly balanced E93 M3s ever built? When we worked with our client John to create his weekend car, we aimed for a perfect balance of understated performance and appearance that would reflect John’s personality. We wanted to build something with a more mature and refined style, and John’s E93 oozed refinement when it was completed and given it’s name- “The Silver Standard”.

So what sort of daily driver do you get someone who has an M3 like John’s Silver Standard? The answer has to be equally refined. We chose to help John create an E60 550i. Because this car is John’s daily driver, we took a fairly basic but effective approach to selecting it’s modifications, keeping in mind that we wanted to give John the refined yet aggressive appearance that he wanted while maintaining a basic mod list and relatively low budget.

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Beyond OEM: Chris’ ESS VT1 E90 M3

Chris, the owner of this near-perfect E90 M3 had a very specific plan. To create his ideal vision of an M3, Chris knew that he did not want to deviate too far from BMW M’s original plan. Chris’ appreciation of BMW’s work is exactly what allowed him to create such a balanced M3.

 Chris used a combination of factory optional parts and key modifications to create his vision. We supplied Chris with a Challenge front lip and BMW ZCP rear spoiler and painted both pieces to match the car for a subtle appearance. Chris also added a Brembo 380mm GT kit to give his M3 the stopping power it needs for track use, and an Eisenmann Sport exhaust for a perfect “factory-plus” tone.

 This month, Chris took the plunge and added the final piece to finish his M3. Chris shipped his car to IND for an ESS VT1 install, and having driven the car I can say that there is no better combination. The perfect, smooth power delivery of the VT1 kit combined with the mellow tone of Eisenmann’s Sport exhaust truly makes for a car that could have been built right at BMW’s factory. From the driver’s seat, stack gauges are the only tell-tale sign that the car has been modified.

 Chris, I am so excited for you to have the car back in your hands, and for you to enjoy your creation- one of the most well balanced modified M3s we’ve seen!

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