Just in time for the long weekend

With the long weekend ahead of us, we wanted to give you guys something to look at. 

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend, and enjoy the new photos! 

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iND returns to BimmerFest!

Pilgrimage is so common among human cultures that it can almost be considered a cultural universal among all people on earth. Many cultures and religions have revered places, holy lands that the people of that culture travel to by the thousands to gain enlightenment and a more complete sense of self. If there is one such pilgrimage for BMW fans, it is BimmerFest. Year after year BMW enthusiasts come in greater and greater numbers to southern California to celebrate their love for BMW cars, and year after year IND and our staff join these people.

IND once again traveled to BimmerFest this year to experience BMW nirvana with fellow BMW fans. This year we were fortunate enough to have two of our favorite Portfolio Project cars at the Race Technologies/Brembo booth, and the IND and WSTO Z4 at the ESS Tuning booth. Thanks to both companies for hosting our cars, and thanks to everyone for stopping by the booths!

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Rebuilding history

No matter how many M3 iterations are released by BMW, most seasoned BMW enthusiasts will agree on one thing- no modern M3 can replicate the unfiltered appeal of the original E30 M3.

The E30 M3 is an anomaly even among BMW’s sporting bloodline – a car that was created for competition use first and released to the public purely as a means of achieving motorsport homologation. This clarity of purpose is visible in every aspect of the E30 M3’s design, and it’s precisely the car’s focus that makes it unique.

To most modern day car buyers the E30 M3’s 4 cylinder engine is noisy, rough, and lackluster in terms of bottom-end power output, the suspension rough and unyielding, the interior cramped and uncomfortable by current standards. But the rare few understand the E30 M3 for what it is – a sports BMW in it’s purest form.

The E30 M3 is an ultimate expression of BMW’s motorsport heritage, and every component seen on the car affirms this fact. The 4 cylinder engine is dynamically perfect, allowing the E30 to have fast turn-in and fantastic steering response due to the engine’s short length. The S14 four cylinder sings to it’s redline with an unmistakable noise and produces power at high RPM where it’s needed most. The chassis is rigid and suspension and steering incredibly communicative. The interior is compact and completely driver-focused with no extraneous controls or decorations.

Our client is an experienced BMW fanatic, and is among the crowd that can appreciate the E30 M3 for the piece of motorsport history it is. The owner of this beautiful E30 M3 purchased the car several years, and has worked tirelessly to improve and restore the car every year. To date, IND has completely overhauled the suspension with solid bushings, reinforced the rear subframe, added Ground Control coilovers, installed BBS LM wheels and the car’s gorgeous EVO aerodynamics package including a front spoiler and rear wing with integrated gourney flap. We’ve also added a Personal steering wheel, a carbon fiber sunroof panel, and helped our client perform countless maintenance tasks. Our client has also rebuilt the engine to be a true 2.5 liter!

This E30 M3 will never stop evolving as it’s owner continues to develop and restore the car, but here are some of our latest photos of his masterpiece in progress. Enjoy!

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IND installs another E90 M3 carbon fiber roof

All of us at IND have loved the E90 M3 since the day the car was released to the public. It’s wide and aggressive rear fenders and it’s perfect mix of style, performance, and utility confirm what most BMW enthusiasts already know- after 40 years at the top, BMW still makes the best sports sedans in the world.

Unfortunately, fans of the E90 M3 got the short end of the stick in many ways, especially when it came to aftermarket support. Those who got into an E90 M3 early on will remember how difficult it was to source exterior parts- everything from trunks to hoods had to be custom made in the E90’s early days.

One area where we felt E90 enthusiasts were truly short handed was the lack of a carbon fiber roof. The E92 M3’s carbon roof represented a major step for BMW M as it was essentially the first use of structural composite components bonded into the car’s unibody specifically to save weight. BMW had not released an item like this on a mass scale before the E92 M3, and of course chose to highlight this feature by leaving the roof panels completely unpainted. Of course, fans of the E90 who wanted a carbon roof were out of luck.

IND addressed this problem several years ago when we worked to develop our own mold for a carbon fiber roof for the E90 M3 chassis. Since then we’ve been blessed to perform carbon fiber roof conversions on some of the most notable E90 M3s in the US, and this week are tackling our next job.

I wanted to share some photos of the conversion in progress with the M3community, to give some insight into the process:

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Late nights again @ iND

Getting ready for Bimmerfest 2011!