IND brings competition level downforce to the public!

BMW’s E90 320si touring car has been a success in both WTCC and BTCC competition since it’s introduction in 2006. Watching Andy Priaulx battle other drivers in WTCC has been a thrill since the E90 came into the scene and all of us at IND are proud to share a piece of the WTCC E90 with M3Post.

German manufacturer M24 has created a rear wing built specifically to mimic the wing found on the WTCC 320si. Built from FRP with a Hexcel honeycomb core, carbon fiber endplates and a Hexcel honeycomb core, the M24 wing is incredibly light in weight and high in strength.

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First E92 Challenge Race trunk with a 4×4 carbon V-weave

Only 9.8lbs


A quick look at the E9x M3 exhaust system layout.

One of the first modifications many people install on an E9x M3 is an performance exhaust system, and while the exhaust system layout of an E9x M3 may seem like elementary knowledge to most fans of the M3, IND constantly gets calls from less experienced enthusiasts who are simply too busy to put their M3 in the air and have a look underneath. I find myself sending clients photos of various exhaust combinations simply to give them an idea of where all the components sit, and how each part can contribute to both power and sound.

We shot some photos of an Eisenmann exhaust system with a factory x pipe still installed to give people a visual reference to each component that makes up the original x pipe. This way, enthusiasts that are new to the M3 can better understand the components they may be thinking of replacing.

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“Don’t give up, Tohoku”

IND was honored to be part of this project!

News of Japan’s disaster reached nearly every human in a first world country within a day. The footage was horrifying to watch and the toll on human life and property was terrible, but even as Japan went through it’s dark moments that week there was positive mixed with the negative, hope mixed with the despair of a country living through a disaster of epic proportions. Days and weeks after the Tsunami, two facts became very clear about the people of Japan- they would not give up easily, and they would do anything possible to restore the country as quickly as possible and return to normal life.

Speaking to my friends in Japan about those events, I heard one common theme: “let’s not dwell on the bad, but plan for the good. Let’s move forward, rebuild, and enjoy life”. The tuning companies of Japan seemed to express the same feelings and continue to push forward every day. 3D Deisgn’s newest E89 Z4 is a reflection of this positive philosophy. Plans to create the car were made shortly after the Japanese Tsunami with the intention of making a statement. That statement is simply scribed over the car’s driver’s side window: “Don’t give up, Tohoku”.

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Girl talk is back!

Linda has been an IND client for the better part of three years now, and it’s a pleasure and a privalage each time she comes in for an update to her E92 M3. Each year we update the appearance and performance of her car as it gradually approaches her version of the perfect M.
Linda is no stranger to modified cars these days, and has some great new parts coming for her M in the next few weeks, along with a few track events planned for the summer.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for updates!

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Not an M3 but……

New ESS install @ iND