Custom Motorsport S65 manifold by iND

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ESS Midwest tune day with IND Distribution!

Many of our clients have requested DCT tunes for their supercharged and naturally aspirated M3s, but as some M3 owners are aware, it is not possible to install DCT transmission software on an E9x M3 remotely- the complete car must be present for programming of the DCT transmission, making the process impossible for most people.

 Due to the increasing demand for DCT software from our local clientele, I will be organizing a tuning day with ESS to help DCT M3 drivers, people seeking NA tunes, and even local clients who want an ESS Supercharger kit but do not wish to ship their DME. ESS has visited IND in Chicago once before to install their DCT software on our Blue Max project, and the ESS staff is looking forward to a return visit!

 ESS’ DCT software improves clutch engagement and shift speed, and can result in more stable operation of the DCT transmission, even in high stress situations like track and autocross use.

 The ESS staff will fly to IND to install DCT software, but we will also be able to provide standard ESS engine software as well. Please reply in this thread if you have interest in a DCT tune, and the dates you are NOT available, and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at IND!

$1,000 Spacers!

We all know that as car enthusiasts we can from time to time make buying choices that are not completely driven by sound logic, but rather by the sheer appreciation of elegant engineering and design.

A few members of IND’s staff were at dinner with a close friend of ours who happens to be an M3 GT4 owner. As we started talking about the car’s various motorsport specific components the most unlikely part became one of the focuses of the conversation- the car’s wheel spacers. We were amazed to see this level of innovation in a piece that most people would not look at twice. The scalloped, pentagonal spacer is of such a low weight it almost feels wrong in your hands, and is a perfect example of the length to which motorsport engineers go to optimize every possible factor for a competitive advantage.

Enjoy the photos!

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