Meaner than Hell Midnight Run!

We’ve always said that no matter how impressive Green Hell’s capabilities become after years of modifications and changes, it should always remain a street car first and foremost, and you cannot have a good street car without going on your occasional midnight romp through the city. Green Hell is no garage queen, so on Chicago’s absolute last warm night before our yearly white-out of a winter hit the city we went out with the owner of the car to enjoy it one last time.



Sibling Rivalry: Z4 Edition

As the leaves were beginning to change and the days subsequently became shorter we received a phone call from European Car. The editor saw the 3D Design North America E89 at the 2011 installment of Bimmerfest in Pasadena. We were invited along with Fall Line Motorsport to a closed track event in order to showcase two zeds built for entirely different purposes. The theme selected is that of a proverbial sibling rivalry. We couldn’t ask for a better day as the track was dry, the temperature mild, and lighting ideal. Below are some photos from the event.

For more information on the vehicles check out the December 2011 issue of European Car or visit them online.

3D Design Japan + iND

“Don’t give up, Tohoku”

IND was honored to be part of this project!

News of Japan’s disaster reached nearly every human in a first world country within a day. The footage was horrifying to watch and the toll on human life and property was terrible, but even as Japan went through it’s dark moments that week there was positive mixed with the negative, hope mixed with the despair of a country living through a disaster of epic proportions. Days and weeks after the Tsunami, two facts became very clear about the people of Japan- they would not give up easily, and they would do anything possible to restore the country as quickly as possible and return to normal life.

Speaking to my friends in Japan about those events, I heard one common theme: “let’s not dwell on the bad, but plan for the good. Let’s move forward, rebuild, and enjoy life”. The tuning companies of Japan seemed to express the same feelings and continue to push forward every day. 3D Deisgn’s newest E89 Z4 is a reflection of this positive philosophy. Plans to create the car were made shortly after the Japanese Tsunami with the intention of making a statement. That statement is simply scribed over the car’s driver’s side window: “Don’t give up, Tohoku”.

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Late nights again @ iND

Getting ready for Bimmerfest 2011!

MWDesign Project | BMW e89 Z4 “White Flame”

Our close friends at MW Design run a truly impressive operation. The guys at MW have a rare and unique understanding of the value of aesthetics in modifying a car, and never fail to create project cars that offer their proud owners a rich driving experience that results from not only enhanced performance but also the visual and auditory impact the car posesses.
 MW’s new “White Flame” project is no different. The White Flame shows MW’s competence and ability to take an abstranct concept like a Taylor Made golf club and translate that product’s design language directly into their client’s E89 Z4. MW’s ability to create and maintain a theme in this way is truly impressive to us at IND!
 Please read MW’s own report on the project:

Modern minimalist design is an important influence in the tuning aesthetic at MWDesign Technik. Each vehicle is a unique project that can be expressed through layers of texture with materials, color and specific custom parts.

Our E89 “White Flame” project is a follow up to the highly successful black and lime green “Slingshot” project that was featured in many prestigious publications including Performance BMW magazine. We wanted our next project to be totally different while being clean, complex and exciting at the same time.

A long time friend and client of ours liked our golf club inspired concept of the Slingshot Z4 project and requested that we base his brand new 2011 Alpine White/Coral Red Z4 off the unreleased at the time Taylormade R-11 golf club. The white/red/grey theme couldn’t be more perfect for this integration of design elements between the car and club.

Without being too explicit, we tried to translate some of the key design cues and coloration off the club into the car. The white, red and grey theme worked perfectly on the car to capture the essence of the highly technical R-11 driver.

The intermittent color blocked pinstripe theme was run from the nose of the vehicle, closely following the bold character lines of E89 Z4. Our friends at Blitzgear carefully laid two silver pinstripes in a near intersecting style, highlighting the two main character bulges on the side of the car. This had to be carefully planned out as pinstripes often go terribly wrong.

Some of the key characteristics of the R-11’s pinstripe were translated onto the rear rollbars of the Z4. They were first painted alpine white to match the body with the striping and red triangle pattern applied afterward.

The red/black sport striping continued onto the large 20x9F / 20×10.5R Forgestar F10 wheels with classically styled stepped lips. A neutral painted silver face, carbon fiber center cap and polished outer lip was selected to match the factory silver and chrome kidney grills.

Our long time partners at Toyo Tires sponsored the project vehicle with a set of Toyo T1-R in 245/30/20 F 285/25/20 R configurations, perfectly balanced to handle the various weather conditions in Vancouver, BC.

To perfect the stance, we used H&R sport springs, which lower the center of gravity and close the wheel gap to perfection.

To enhance the modern look of the vehicle, we contacted our good friends at 3D Design in Japan for the front lip spoiler for the project. The polyurethane construction of the pieces makes for an extremely durable bumper with perfect fitment, two qualities that are very rare in the aftermarket world!

For the rear diffuser section, we opted for the factory M-sport 3.5is piece. This was painted in alpine white to match the body with a contrasting grey lower trim.

To up the performance and fill the large new diffuser, we fitted a Milltek 2x100mm Catback Exhaust System and powdercoated the entire system matte silver in a ceramic-like finish.

To complete the power upgrades, a Dinan Stage II ECU upgrade to 400hp and OEM BMW Performance big brakes are coming on the next phase.

In building this project E89 Z4, we wanted the car to be a “White Flame” as bold as a magnesium fire. Extremely clean looking, eye-catching yet gone out of your sight in a few seconds.


3DDesign Front Spoiler
3DDesign Rear Trunk Spoiler
OEM 3.5is M-Sport Rear Bumper w/ Custom Matte Grey Diffuser Insert
OEM Gloss Black Front Brake Ducts
Alpine White Roll Bars w/ Cusotm Pinstriping
Custom Pinstripe Design on Side Bod Panels and Side Mirrors

H&R Sports Springs
Millitek 2x100mm Catback Exhaust System

Forgestar F10 20×9 F 20×20.5 R
Toyo Proxes T1R 245/30/20 F 285/25/20 R

Dinan Stage II ECU Upgrade + Custom OEM Performance BBK coming for Stage 2

Special thanks to…

3DDesign Japan/North America
Toyo Tires
CG Motorsports
Whitebox Studios
Edelweiss Autobody
Matt Kwok Photography

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