Clean Green

It has been said that with distance comes clarity and focus. Without leaving the planet, our client has traveled one of the greatest distances from our shop that a person can manage: Australia. A total of 9,000 miles and up to two years’ time lie between him and his car, the infamous Green Hell project. IND has been tasked with the responsibility of storing and maintaining Green Hell while it’s owner is taking advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the land Down Under. We are honored and fortunate to be able to take care of such an iconic creation.

With this responsibility came also the opportunity to perform a bit of cosmetic adjustment. Because Green Hell is in a somewhat permanent storage, IND is able to make changes to the car at will and add components from our in stock inventory. Not only were we given free reign to change a few major components, these modifications were carried out without our client’s specific knowledge of which parts were installed. You are discovering our changes at the very same moment he is!

With alacrity and excitement we set to work. It quickly became apparent that a streamlined yet functional approach was essential, and with that focal point in mind, we realized only one rear wing could replace the recognizably massive M24 unit, and that was RKP’s lightweight carbon fiber GTS wing painted in a matte black finish. Carefully paired with this on the front end is an RKP GT4 front lip, also laid in highly polished bare carbon fiber. To finish off the appearance, a set of Volk Racing TE37 SL wheels in the pressed graphite finish and color-matched green decals were installed.

The finished effect is a noticeable and striking study in contrast. While Green Hell still screams aggression, both visually and aurally, the lines and extensions seem to be pulled back into a taut, poised creature with intent to strike. Motorsport and competition still dominate the thematic structure, however tasteful restraint is quite obviously the order of the day. Something about the way the M3 squats over the TE37 SLs and hugs the ground with its new carbon aero components inspires a picture of speed and competence. Every one of us is overcome with pride, and while the internals remain intact for now, something tells us we have not seen the last of this car’s never-ending evolution.

And so, the latest and greatest incarnation of Green Hell prowls our facility with an intimidating facade and yet graceful presence that serves as a daily, constant reminder of how clean and perfect a race-inspired build can become. With every glance, every encounter, the familiar burning pride and passion is renewed within all of us. While regrettably we cannot present the new Green Hell in person to our client (or use the car in an on-track environment without his presence), the knowledge that his original vision lives on to be enjoyed by enthusiasts around the world gives us great contentment. We are humbled and grateful to be granted the privilege of bringing you a cleaner Green.

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A Family Matter

Any business will drive the people involved to form friendships that go beyond a simple utilitarian exchange, but when your business is to help people create the cars of their dreams you have an opportunity to connect that is beyond anything that people encounter in more “every day” industries. Working at IND has allowed us to form life-long friendships, and welcome our clients to the IND family.

Philip is one such client. He is not only a life-long friend, but a true member of the IND family. Working on Philip’s M3 is always a pleasure because we know that each time he ships the car to our facility he is placing his trust in us as a member of our family, and we do our best to treat him accordingly. This time, Philip’s car made it’s journey from New York to feed a never-ending addiction to power that’s shared by many who choose to add an ESS kit to their car. Philip changed transformed his already potent VT1-535 equipped M3 into a monster by upgrading to an ESS VT2-600 kit. In combination with his 4.10 differential the car’s midrange and top end response is even better than a standard M3, and the car is now a real force to be reckoned with.

IND added GTS door sills for a subtle reference to this M3’s newfound power, and a hand-pinstriped ESS VT2 600 badge on the trunk for a less subtle statement that tells those following the car to be wise when challenging Philip’s M3.


Building the F10 M5 Piece By Piece

We are in the process of assembling the cosmetic line for the S63tu powered beast

Spawned from a paint shop all of us at IND strive to offer solutions for every vehicle application. Whether it is a painted reflector or a engine cover we are always looking for new ways to enhance the aesthetics of a vehicle. This approach has almost rendered us with a sick obsession for cosmetic accessories. A obsession that will not be tamed by the delayed F10 M5 production in North America. There is a old saying that you can build a car from the parts catalog. With the summer delivery date for North America we will test this theory.

Last week we received a modest size FedEx express shipment from Munich. Please let us know what you would like to see and we will try our best to accommodate the request. As the availability of parts increases so will our offerings. If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us. More paint schemes to come.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, matte insert/gloss insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, matte insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 side marker with gloss surround, gloss insert, light tinted LED.

F10 M5 gloss black rear diffuser

INDustry Attire!

Mark Twain once said that clothes make a man, and if this is true then you certainly wouldn’t want to pass on IND’s new line of loungewear. IND is now offering sweatshirts and T shirts made from the best in materials by American Apparel, one of the leading shirt manufacturers in the US. American Apparel says that these are the “softest, smoothest, best looking shirts anywhere” so you know you’ll be the best dressed when working on your car, at the track, on a date, or anywhere else you might wear our stylish garb.
iND Black or Grey hoodie = $45.00 each
iND T-shirts black, red and Grey = $25.00 each
Our shirts are available in American Apparel’s Large size, in grey, red, and black. Our sweatshirts are available in American Apparel’s Large size, in grey and black. Please consult these sizing charts before ordering:
To place an order please send paypal payment to or you can give us a call at 866.963.4520

The icing on the cake!

In my time at IND, I have never had a single day where I did not want to come to work. Being at IND is truly a blessing every single day, but the biggest privilege of all, the greatest honor, is being entrusted by one of our clients to take delivery of their brand new, zero mile M3.

M3Post member Justin(OKC) gave us such a privilege this week when we finally took delivery of the M3 on his behalf. Over the next few weeks we’ll install a number of tasteful modifications to make Justin’s M3 perfect for him.

 Working with clients like yourself is truly the icing on the cake. Justin, thank you for the opportunity!

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Challenge presents their Race + x pipe!

Challenge Engineering is known for having an extensive collection of x pipes for the E9x M3 to suit every need and sound preference, but there is one group of M3 Enthusiasts that are left out even with Challenge’s broad lineup- guys that really want the meanest, loudest M3 they can have.

For those people, Challenge has created the Race + x pipe. The Race + is lighter in weight than any other Challenge x pipe, and will give an M3 the most aggressive sound possible.

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Martin_D hits the wind tunnel

Martin_D hits the wind tunnel