Fast, done faster.

Many of our clients lead busy lives, and can’t dedicate an entire working week to modifying their cars so when our client approached us for a supercharger install and told us he wanted to arrive at our facility at 9am and depart again no later than that afternoon, we knew we had to plan very carefully in order to meet his deadline. Each piece had to be in place before our client’s arrival at our facility.

A Motorsport 24 oil cooler was held on one of IND’s shelves, waiting for install. We contacted ESS tuning, and ensured that a new flash cable was delivered directly to our client a week in advance. ESS created a tuned file for our client’s supercharger well in advance so that the file was ready to flash to his DME. The intake manifold was pre-painted weeks before our client’s arrival, our techs reserved, and a lift held open. Before long, every piece was in place.

Our client arrived on a crisp Monday morning at 8:45 am, his beautiful Monte Carlo Blue M3 fitting in nicely next to the other M3s at our shop that day. Within minutes the car was pulled onto one of our lifts, and our techs began removing the engine’s accessories. The supercharger and oil cooler install was completed shortly after the clock struck noon, and with ESS’ software loaded to the car within an hour the M3 was ready for it’s maiden voyage!

Our client left IND smiling, looking forward to his journey home. Thank you, Arter, for giving us an opportunity to work on your M3!

M24 Oil Cooler


One Comment on “Fast, done faster.”

  1. I do really like you guy, if I’d have a chance of living in United States, I’d surely bring my M3 to you for upgrades.

    I’m watching after your projects and every news from this website gives more happiness to me, cause I know, when I can see email from ind-style in my mail box, something great is happening. 😉

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