Rogue Engineering MEGALIGHT Wheel Spacer

Rogue Engineering has never been a company that compromised their desire for progress in favor of massive sales volume. Having spoken to the folks at Rogue about product design in the past, I know that even the mass production pieces designed by the Rogue team always reflect a philosphy that chooses sound design and true engineered improvement over low cost or big profits.

While this is true for Rogue’s production parts, Rogue Engineering pushes the envelope even further from time to time and the smart folks at RE did exactly that with their new MegaLight spacers.

Rogue’s new MegaLight spacers are HALF the weight of an equivalent name brand 15mm spacer, and are nickel plated for a durable finish. Although it’s obvious to IND and Rogue that these spacers will not sell in droves, they are certainly a testament to Rogue’s commitment to advancement in the engineering of their products. 


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