BMW Performance steering wheel from iND

The BMW Performance line was conceived with the avid enthusiast in mind. From brakes to interior components the Performance line offers a touch of refined BMW Motorsport clout all the while maintaining the elegance of a production BMW. The new Performance Wheel is no exception to this design philosophy. Featuring a flat bottom, M tri-stitch on interior circumference of the wheel, and a touch of BMW Bavaria blue at the 12 O’clock position. The wheel is fully wrapped in Alcantara for optimum grip and at the same time providing a true sports car bravado.

DCT or 6-Speed


2 Comments on “BMW Performance steering wheel from iND”

  1. Feroz says:

    To Whom it may concern,How Much will it cost to have a set of the Blue Bmw E92 4Door M3 Wheels Shipped to me in South Africa. Awaiting your reply thanks. (P.S Car Listed as on of a Kind on your Website)

    • Andrew Botha says:

      I’m in SA and I have some E92 M3 wheels in blue with pirelli Zero tires brand new

      Call me 0836160676

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