Vorsteiner GTS-V Diffuser E92/E93

As a car enthusiast there is no greater joy than receiving a part and being 100% thrilled with the item. The level excitement is equal to if not great than opening any childhood present. The type I and II diffusers have been on the market from roughly the same point as the E9X M3’s inception. Every time we receive a type I or II diffuser we are very happy with the product. Beyond the bubble wrap there is always a product possessing a consistent weave, good mounting points, and of course top notch construction. Yet there is something missing…

Yesterday morning the void was filled. Upon receiving the concept photos of the GTS-V all of us knew this diffuser was something we had to have. With the exception of the Vorsteiner SEMA vehicle we were honored to receive the second GTS-V diffuser from Vorsteiner. When the white box with red lettering arrived all of us ran to the FedEx driver with a childlike excitement and immediately tore into the packaging. There it was, that feeling of balance. Every technician, every painter, every staff member of iND is thoroughly impressed with this product and as a result will be featured on a upcoming project 😉

For all E90 owners do not worry. Vorstiner is looking into fitment/development of a E90 specific GTS-V


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