Safari Truck

What do you do when you’ve spent your life shooting automatic weapons at gunnery ranges, hunting big game, flying helicopters, and blowing things up for pure entertainment, and suddenly need to grow up and have a family? What car do you get that will satisfy your need for ridiculous fun, but also convince your wife that you are a sane adult? If you ask our good friend Bob, he’d say that you get an X6M, and not just any X6M, but his in particular.

Driving Bob’s X6M is a lot like hunting game by shooting a missile launcher out of a moving helicopter- frightening to control and absolutely ridiculous. His ESS tune has given the car an easy 80+ horsepower gain, which would be enough for most, but Bob didn’t stop there. IND helped Bob add SuperSprint down pipes along with an Akrapovic exhaust system with carbon tips, BMW Performance front grilles, matte black side grilles, an OEM rear spoiler, Vorsteiner’s V104 wheels and a complete aerodynamics package from Vorsteiner consisting of a front lip and rear diffuser. As a complete package, Bob’s X6M is an absolute monster, and is a good consolation to Bob’s other hobbies!

Enjoy the photos!


4 Comments on “Safari Truck”

  1. Andrew says:

    Thanks boys!! IND FTW

  2. Abdullah says:

    Hey buddy
    Good to know we the only 2 crazy dudes this part of the world

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