Challenge OEM style E92/E93 M3 Carbon Hood

While searching for places to shed weight on the M3, most start with the obvious panels made of steel. When the factory gives you composite or aluminum panels already as a starting point the quest to shave the pounds of a performance car can become more difficult. As usual, Challenge is here to re-write the book on composites for the M3 using only the best in materials and manufacturing techniques to offer some of the lightest weight and well made body panels available.

The lightweight BWM M3 aluminum hood is a great part from the factory that no doubt saves tons of weight compared to its mainstream steel 3 series counterparts. Because aluminum is very soft, it requires a full backbone structure to support it so it doesn’t dent or deform easily. When using carbon fiber, Challenge is able to rework the factory underside skeleton as well as use a foam hex cell core in the panel’s inner construction to produce a lightweight yet rigid structure. This formula yields a strong yet light hood with a 40% weight savings that’s as home on the street as it is on the road circuit.

Challenge OEM style Carbon Hood: 13.6 lbs
OEM Aluminum hood: 22.8 lbs.


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