BMW E9X M3 GT3 Carbon Front Lip Spoiler

The guys at Challenge Engineering are no strangers to innovation and have created a number of unique products over the years, but their new front lip for the E9x M3 may be their best yet.

Challenge Engineering was able to consider the best and worst of what’s available for the M3 and create a lip that literally does everything.

Seeing this lip in person for the first time was literally shocking. I’ve never seen this level of effort, this attention to detail in a front lip before. The upper section mates perfectly with the BMW front bumper, and the ducts have bonded in aluminum reinforced tubing to allow for a firm connection to brake ducting hoses. The lower section is truly impressive, with an integrated duct routing to the factory cooling duct as well as an integrated under tray leading all the way up to the car’s floor section. The lower lip section is built from hand-laid carbon with Kevlar reinforcement in key areas, as well as internal reinforcement for additional strength. The lower lip section can be removed for easier street driving, and installed again for the track.


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