Philip’s Road trip to iND from NY

Our client Philip knew he was in for a journey when he decided to make the drive to IND to install his ESS VT1-535 kit, but when his wife suggested he bring along two of her film students to document the entire trip he knew he was in for a real adventure. Philip, Matt and Mana drove from New York to Chicago in Philip’s M3 and a rented SUV to film the road trip, the install process, and of course to speak with some of the car enthusiasts we would introduce them to during their stay at IND.
We joined in the project by throwing a private dinner for our local clients at our local brewery, which brought nearly 30 BMW fans together.

Philip and his video crew have put together a short teaser video of their project. Stay tuned for the completed film!


3 Comments on “Philip’s Road trip to iND from NY”

  1. Philip says:

    Thank you so much guys! We had such a blast… we were sad to leave. But driving this beast home made leaving a little easier. You have an incredible shop, and an amazing team. Thank you.


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