First the icing on the cake, now the cherry on top!

In my time at IND, I have never had a single day where I did not want to come to work. Being at IND is truly a blessing every single day, but the biggest privilege of all, the greatest honor, is being entrusted by one of our clients to take delivery of their brand new, zero mile M3.

M3Post member Justin(OKC) gave us such a privilege this week when we finally took delivery of the M3 on his behalf. Over the next few weeks we’ll install a number of tasteful modifications to make Justin’s M3 perfect for him.

Unfortunately, fans of the E90 M3 got the short end of the stick in many ways, especially when it came to aftermarket support. Those who got into an E90 M3 early on will remember how difficult it was to source exterior parts- everything from trunks to hoods had to be custom made in the E90’s early days.

One area where we felt E90 enthusiasts were truly short handed was the lack of a carbon fiber roof. The E92 M3’s carbon roof represented a major step for BMW M as it was essentially the first use of structural composite components bonded into the car’s unibody specifically to save weight. BMW had not released an item like this on a mass scale before the E92 M3, and of course chose to highlight this feature by leaving the roof panels completely unpainted. Of course, fans of the E90 who wanted a carbon roof were out of luck.

IND addressed this problem several years ago when we worked to develop our own mold for a carbon fiber roof for the E90 M3 chassis. Since then we’ve been blessed to perform carbon fiber roof conversions on some of the most notable E90 M3s in the US, and this week are tackling our next job.

Justin makes his journey to the IND facility to see his M3 for the first time!

Safely home after the trip from Chicago to Oklahoma City! Now let the show begin!


One Comment on “First the icing on the cake, now the cherry on top!”

  1. Justin says:

    Thanks, iND!!! You did an outstanding job on the car and I love it!

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